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First DVD release for world renowned Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro. The DVD is divided into three acts, the metal act, the acoustic act and the Brazilian fusion act. Recorded live in Sao Paulo Brazil, it brings together an incredible cast of outstanding musicians playing all the music that launched and shaped Kiko's career as a guitarist and a songwritter.; Mixing Jazz with Brazilian acoustic guitars and rock, Kiko Loureiro invites to his stage, long time music friends. In this great spectacle, Kiko Loureiro will show all his talent and different facets. On one side, Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal, on the other, Brazilian and Jazz Fusion polished with unique Acoustic Guitar moments. Truly unique!


Set rock

  1. "Conflicted"
  2. "The Hymn"
  3. "Reflective"
  4. "Ray Of Life"
  5. "Gray Stone Gateway"
  6. "No Gravity"
  7. "Dilemma"
  8. "El Guajiro"
  9. "Mãe D'Água"
  10. "Pau-de-Arara"

Set acústico

  1. "Choro de Criança"
  2. "Giz"
  3. "Late Redemption" (Loureiro, Bittencourt)

Set jazz brasileiro

  1. "Anastácia"
  2. "Ojos Verdes" (Yaniel Matos)
  3. "Samba da Elisa"
  4. "Beautiful Language"


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